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Jill Arrington's Trapeze Artistry

"One Swinging Babe"


Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young men (and women) on the flying trapeze. Circus-mania from Ringling Brothers to Cirque de Soleil has never been hotter. Correspondent Jill Arrington has the latest on the big top fitness craze.

It was Parisian Jules Leopard who came up with the trapeze back in 1850 to amuse Louis Napoleon. He also came up with that clingy garment known as the leotard.

No leotard required for Jill's lesson, but timing and upper body strength are. We begin with the knee hang on the
low bar.

"Legs up, head back," Stephan advises. "Look at the bar, bend your knees. Good. Keep your chin forward."
After a few more pointers, it's time for step two. Stephan secures the safety harness before we proceed up the ladder to the platform.

"Put your feet apart, toes off the edge, good. Left hand a little bit higher. Now lean forward and put your right hand on the bar. Keep your left hand straight. Bring your shoulders back and your chest forward," instructs Stephen.

The bar is heavy, but there's no turning back. Stepping off is scary, but soon Jill gets the hang of it! With the timing mastered, she's ready for the catch!

"What will happen is I will come up underneath you and grab you by the wrist. When I do you can go ahead and grab me back. Once we have a wrist to wrist hold, you just straighten your legs, let go of the bar and swing with me," says Stephen.

"Ready, hep. Legs up, squeeze tight..."

"Good. Excellent job, Jill!"