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In a comeback that rivaled the nail-biting heroics of a John Elway two-minute drill, CBS Sports sideline reporter Jill Arrington surged ahead of her Monday Night Football counterpart Melissa Stark to capture's Sexiest Sportscaster award. When the polls closed January 12, an astonishing 221,760 votes had been tallied (yes, we did several hand counts) for the ten contestants. The turnout more than quadrupled the 55,000 voters who registered on for last year's Survivor poll. Arrington captured 26 percent of the vote (57,643 votes) to top Stark, who mustered 23 percent of the tally (51,574 votes).
Final Voting Results - 221,760 total votes
Jill Arrington 57,643 26%
Melissa Stark 51,574 23%
Hannah Storm 30,254 14%
Bonnie Bernstein 21,839 10%
Jillian Barberie 20,645 9%
Inga Hammond 11,393 5%
Lisa Guerrero 11,069 5%
Summer Sanders 10,133 5%
Pam Oliver 5,001 2%
Angie Arlati 2,209 1%
Unfortunately, Arrington declined an offer to pose for Although she wasn't immediately available to explain the rebuff, she may reveal to her reason for rejection in the not-too-distant future.